Dressoir gerecycled noten

In 2007, I cut down a walnut tree in a garden. From this wood I made a big picnic table for my wife. After having been started outside the table to be flawed and grew moss on, the table had to leave. Back in the workshop, I was in doubt, should I throw the wood in the stove or let it dry and give it another chance?
After drying for a year in the workshop, I decided to do something with it. The outside was dirty and there were cracks in. But after scraping once appeared to have the wood didn’t lost its beauty.
Through the cracks in the wood, I could not use it constructively. I designed a closet. A steel frame with wood as warm skin around it.
Dimensions; L x W x H; 215x45x 88 cm

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Tree trunk Table
Un commissioned work